Apple WWDC23 Playbook

Indra Kusuma
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Ready to get hop in into the upcoming WWDC23! Woohoo! 🥳

This playbook designed to help you navigate the WWDC23 event complete with some virtual swag collections that I have compiled from creators and Apple Fans around the world!

Beside of the swag wallpapers and stickers collection, I also updated what to watch on WWDC23 that will be happening on June 5 - 7. Also added some bonus packs including Swift learning material. Of course, to encourage you to take action to learn Swift and join next year's challenge! 😎

What's inside:

  • Wallpapers Collections for iPhone, iPad, and Mac
  • Bonus Packs, Stickers, and Gimmicks (Guess what will be announced?)
  • What to watch WWDC23
  • Important Links (updated)
  • Learning Swift Material (updated)


Do I need to pay for the template?

This template is totally FREE to duplicate according to your need!

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Can I reshare this template?

No, please give an appreciation by sharing my Gumroad link with your friends. If you have the intention to modify and resell it, please take serious consent on the design and arts I have credited to the original creators.

How I can reach out for further questions?

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Virtual Swag
Wallpaper & Stickers
What to watch
WWDC23 Event Session
Important Links & Learning Swift


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Apple WWDC23 Playbook

2 ratings
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